First Aid

“It’s better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it”

We can offer you a comprehensive range of first aid training, and casualty simulation days, scheduled throughout the year, delivered to you in an interesting and engaging way, leaving you inspired and confident about your first aid.

For business customers who are looking to make sure that your first aiders are current and up to date, we have a first aid management service for all your first aid needs, making sure you are meeting your legal requirements.

We can provide training at your premises or at a venue of your choice, ensuring the training is relevant to you and your working environment: ‘First aid at work, for your work’. Whether, it’s the mountains, a film set, or an office, we make sure it’s relevant to your needs. Tailoring your training and providing you with a best fit course.

You can also register the expiry date of your first aid certificate with us so we can send you a list of available courses closer to the time.

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Dealing with an emergency medical evacuation in the Scottish Highlands

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First Aid